The most common news we waited for in the year 2020-21 was ‘unlock’! It’s been a regressive year, a pointless chasm of despair and anxiety over a year that could have been many things but ended up a black swan. Is it the end of the world! NO Just the year 2020. :) 

So let’s be pragmatic and prescient of a progressive prospect in 2021-22.

Ministop Brownies unlocks a sweet opportunity

At ministop we believe that Bangalore can make 2020 the calm before the storm; the storm that we will bring to the world from the retrospection, watching, learning and forced quarantine that we endured during that year and the beginning of year 2021.

‘A crisis is a tremendous opportunity to learn and grow.’
– John Mackay (CEO of whole foods)

We at Ministop unlocked ministop brownies as an online store while we had to close our offline outlet. We would like you to share what you unlocked to create your new sweet opportunity this year. We are giving out brownie points for every opportunity that makes the world a better place.

We are attempting to create sweet notes around the most anticipated word – Unlocks and turn around despair to hope.  To this endeavour, we urge the people of Bangalore to spread hope via #unlocks2021. We have created a symbol of hope through our power unlocks symbol and believe that it will bring a sweet feeling to the beginning of 2021. We do request all to join us in spreading hope for a better tomorrow through our #unlocks symbol. We believe that your participation in this campaign may help our city people step into better or happier versions of themselves.

However, if the motivation to progress is not enough, do join our contest below: -

What can you win?

Ministop Unlocks Contest



Two (2) winners get two nights stay at Manyana Casa; a homestay in Coorg along with breakfast & dinner. What's more, the stay includes an all expense paid host of activities organised by Manyana for the duration of stay. For more details on manyana click here


Six (6) winners get coupons worth Rs. 1000/- or an assorted eco box containing 16 brownies.


Ten (10) winners get 1 fully assorted brownie box.

Eligibility: -

  1. Using the power unlock icon to showcase participation in any way.

  2. Tag us (@ministop.brownies) and use the hashtag (#unlocks2021).

  3. You must be residing in Bangalore city (URBAN). 

  4. This contest is currently open only for Bangalore city.

  5. Contest dates are between 1st August 2021 to 31st August 2021.

What is the contest about? 
An opportunity you unlocked to make your world a better place.

Tell us what you unlocked this year to make the world a better place. Everything and everyone in life is connected and every opportunity that you unlock can create a progress that could make the world a better place. So share with us what is the opportunity that you unlocked for yourself and gain not just brownie points but also tasty gooey ministop brownies.

What must you do?

To join the contest, use the power unlock symbol either as your display picture (dp) or as part of the picture or video that you share as your #unlocks2021 post. You may submit minimum 1 and maximum 5 unlock post to be considered for the contest.

Tag us : @ministop.brownies and use the hashtag: #unlocks2021

For Example: Megha #unlocks2021 via her love for indoor plants @ministop.brownies and creates an urban jungle!



check out the sample post on our social media pages.

Power Unlock Symbol

How to win?

The best opportunity created by your unlock that can make Bangalore city a better place while giving you a new opportunity to learn/do/implement and share this opportunity with others.

Help spread the power unlock icon as a symbol of hope for better days to come.


Terms and Conditions

  • Management decision is final.

  • Family members and close friends of management and staff of ministop brownies will not qualify to participate in the contest.

  • The entry post must be on instagram only. Posts on other social media networks may not be considered for the contest.

  • You will not be expected to purchase any product or pay upfront and such act will not affect your entry in any way(positive or negative).

  • Under no circumstance will ministop brownies be held responsible or liable for your actions.

  • The post with the symbol must be up on your profile for the duration of at least 10 days within the contest period or after.

  • Paid promotions on instagram to gain more shares will NOT disqualify your post as long as all eligibility is met.

  • Stay at Coorg covers only cost of stay, F&B at Manyana and activities but does not include to and fro travel to Coorg.

  • The brownie boxes that are being given as contest prizes will be assorted boxes that will contain all our brownies. 

Winners will be intimated by an announcement on this page and on our social media pages on Independance day -15th August 2021.

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