Mix any 2 Brownies - Choose from an assortment of amazingly delectable brownies that taste very different from each other.  Please note that Nutella Fudge & Biscoffed cannot be part of this box. To choose nutella fudge brownie you may either go to nutella fudge brownie page or choose any 3 (three) on this page instead of 2 (two) box.


Mix any 3 Brownies - Choose from our assortment of different brownie variations to get a taste of at least 3 different brownies.  We make all our brownies different from each other; so choose well.


Please note that whichever 3 brownies you choose. We will be dividing them as 5 + 5 + 6 to complete the box of 16 brownies. 

Choose a mix of brownies