Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the sweetener used?

We do NOT USE processed crystal white sugar in any of our products. We use unrefined sugar which is sourced locally from brands with several years of experience and detail. Our brownies are not over sweet and we believe in keeping a balance of sweetness to ensure they are safe to consume regularly by all age groups.

Are ministop brownies chewy / goey or just a cold bite?

Ministop Brownies are mostly goey. We have worked hard to make sure our brownie formula creates a goey tasteful outcome. Our eggless nutty brownies are chewy. Our vegan brownies are not goey but are tastefully prepared and suite the palate of our vegan customers. We use nuts and eggs in most of our brownies, hence please look for the details on the product page to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients before you confirm your order.

I cannot finish the box in a single sitting. How long will the brownies last? how do I store them?

Ministop Brownies can last up to two weeks, best kept in the fridge (refrigerate; NOT freezer). When you wish to consume bring the brownies out and let it stay out for a while till it warms up to room temperature; or you may heat it for 5 to 10 seconds in the microwave before consuming. 


How do I order ministop brownies?

Order online using our website to order your brownies anywhere in India. Just click on 'BUY NOW' or under the heading choose your brownie box click 'Add to basket' under the brownie you wish to choose. Now click on 'basket' (on the right side of your screen to view what you have chosen. Choose to pick up your brownie box from our brownie outlet or just let our butterfly box deliver itself to you in Bangalore. Outstation orders will be delivered in eco boxes. Verify the price and click on 'checkout'. Fill in the details and complete the payment along with the order. 

You will receive an 'order confirmation' communication once your order is placed. In case you use the 'manual payment' option to complete your payment. Just wait for us to update your payment details and confirm or you may send us the payment details which will be tagged with your phone number.

What is in my Basket?

The 'My Basket' page will contain the product/s you have chosen. If you wish to continue shopping for more brownies you can click on 'continue shopping'. Once you have chosen the brownies you wish to purchase, you could 'Enter a promo code' in case you have one OR 'Add a note' where you may provide any special instruction that you may wish to communicate for your particular order (please note that the product will not be modified under any circumstance).

There is an "X" mark next to each product. If you wish to remove a brownie / product from your basket, you can delete it by clicking the "X" mark.

The 'Shipping' charge is the same as a delivery charge. The tax mentioned is GST as levied in Karnataka state. You may click on Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the screen to know all the terms that govern this website and your order.

What are the details I need to provide on the checkout page? Why do I need to provide all of these details?

We mandatorily collect the delivery address, phone number and email address. You may optionally provide a google pin co-ordinate so our delivery agent may find your address easier to locate. 

We deliver orders to the delivery address provided, you also have an option to provide a separate billing address.

Your phone number is required, as the delivery agent may not be able to get to your exact location and most often will call you to ensure your delivery is successful. Your email address is used to communicate with you on your order and its delivery.

NOTE: If your delivery address is outside Bangalore, we will not be able to deliver to you under the local delivery option; you will need to choose OUTSTATION as you delivery option. If your phone number is not reachable or you fail to respond when the delivery agent or we call you to deliver your order; we will most likely try to get an email response. if that fails to elicit a response we will have to cancel your order/s (As our products are perishable there will be no refunds).

I am a private person and do not wish to share my mobile number. Can I make an order without providing my mobile number?

No. You will have to provide a mobile number so that the delivery is successful. You can provide a security guard or any other responsible person's number who may collect your ministop brownie order or guide the delivery agent to you but a mobile number must be provided.


How do I choose only one kind of brownie?

On the specific product page; you will find 'Assorted Box' under which a drop down which says, "Select" by default exists. If you wish to choose only ONE type of brownie in the box then choose "ONLY ..." option. The price is for a box full of only ONE kind of brownie. The price changes based on the 'size of the brownie box' (butterfly OR eco box) and the assorted box mix or plain 'only' option that you choose. If you choose to change the options the price of the box will automatically change based on your choice of the brownie box and assorted option chosen. 

How do I choose an assorted box with other brownies in it? How do I customize my brownie options?

On the specific product page; you will find 'Assorted Box' under which a drop down which says, "Select" by default exists. If you wish to combine another product / brownie then you can choose the other brownie to mix in your box here. The price will change automatically based on the combination of brownie /s and the box size that you choose.

I am unable to find the combination I want? How do I choose 2 different brownies that are not listed in the assortment box options?

On the product page you will find a product called 'MIX BOX' or 'Choose a mix of brownies'. When chosen, you may choose to add any two or three brownie options into your brownie box. Prices are adjusted automatically for choice of assortment options. Please note that Nutella is NOT available under the Mix any 2 Brownie options. You may choose mix any 3 and choose Nutella or you can go directly to the Nutella Brownie product page and choose ANY option to mix another brownie with nutella brownie in your brownie box.


I want to pay cash. Do you have a COD (cash on delivery) option?

We do not have a COD or cash option as the process to begin packing your brownie order, only starts once your order has been paid for. Therefore without a payment; orders cannot be processed. 

I see there are two options to make payments. Which one is better?

Credit/Debit Cards

The first option to pay by DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS is quick, does not take you away from this website and processes payments through PayUBiz payment gateway seamlessly. PayUBiz supports all major Indian debit cards and all major Indian credit cards (visa, Amex, Master Card, Diners Discover).


Manual Payment
The second option, "Manual Payments" can be used to pay through any other payment option using PayU payment gateway as service provider. This option allows you to pay via PayU manual payment link which allows you to pay via Cards / Netbanking / UPI / Wallets / GPay, etc. However confirming of orders are done manually for these payments and hence may take upto an hour to confirm receipt. The link takes you away from this website onto the PayU payment gateway where the payment transaction is carried out on a secure PayU site. To complete your order, you must return to this website and complete the checkout through "Review & Place Order".

I made a payment through the "Manual Payment" link but closed the checkout page by mistake.
How do I complete my order?

Create a fresh basket with the order you had chosen earlier and ensure the final amount shown in your basket is the same as what you have already paid. Choose 'Manual Payment' but do not click the "click here" link. Continue to complete your checkout.

Once we receive the order, we will match your payment receipt with the order using the mobile number provided in the manual payment receipt to the mobile number provided in your brownie order.

I did not complete my order submission but made a payment. Can I send the details via whatsapp or email?

The checkout page on the ministop brownie website takes several delivery details and ensures that tax billing is taken care of, while submitting the order through an exact manner process to our staff; hence we would not accept other forms of delivery details submission as it will only lead to errors in order processing. We need every order to be completed on the website so the orders are processed correctly and you receive exactly what you ordered.


Who takes care of the delivery of ministop brownies?

At ministop, we take care of delivering our products to your doorstep unless you choose to pick up your order.

How much am I paying for delivery?

Our delivery charges vary based on your distance from us and may be between Rs. 80 and Rs.150/- (subject to change without notice; please confirm the charges on the checkout page). Therefore the more brownie boxes you order, the lesser your delivery charge. We use reputed and experienced delivery agents who help us deliver your brownie boxes to you anywhere in Bangalore city. Please note if you choose to pick up your order, you will not be charged the delivery charges and you will see '0' Shipping Charge on your order.

Can I pick up my order?

Curb side pickup has now been made available! you may choose to pick up your order from our office address. You will not be charged delivery charges and you will see 'FREE Shipping' against your delivery charge. 

If you complete your paid order submission before 12 noon you can come down between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. to collect your order. However, if you submit your completed order after 12 noon you may come to pick up your order the next day between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. 

Curb Side pick-up timing: At 4 p.m. the parcels will be ready and placed on a table and you may pick up your parcel based on the number sticker that our staff informs you is your order. We are doing this to ensure sufficient distance between our staff and you and facilitating an easy pick up. At 8 p.m. the garage where the table is housed will be shut and you may have to pick up your order the next day.

NOTE: If your order is not picked up in the designated timing, you may pick up the same box the next day but there will be no fresh preparation of the order. 

What are the delivery precautions and hygiene that is being maintained?

Packing Hygiene: The freshly baked brownies are cut using a stainless steel knife that is washed every hour so there is no use of hands on the brownie. A stainless steel spatula is used to pick and place the brownie in the box. The staff wears a mask and head cap and stays at the work premise which ensures they do not travel and are monitored constantly for health and hygiene deviations. A hand sanitizer is kept at all entrances and is used liberally. 

Delivery Precaution: The brownie boxes are placed inside a brown paper bag on which we mark your address and instructions for the delivery agent. Therefore the delivery agent does not touch the brownie box which is taped inside the bag. The bags are kept outside for the delivery agent to collect who is intimated via text messaging which ensures we do not contact the delivery agent physically. Once you receive your order from the delivery agent, you may cut open the brown paper bag to get to your untouched brownie boxes.

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