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Brownie Doorstep Delivery


We use reputed delivery partners to deliver our best brownies to your doorstep. Please ensure you give us the correct address. Please note the rise in fuel prices has made us change our delivery charges based on order size.

Deliveries usually happen within 2 working hours of receiving your order.

If you are outside Bangalore city limits your order may take longer to deliver.



Covid19 has taken a serious effect on all eateries and hence we will not be opening this option until September 2021.

There will be no exceptions. Please ask for door delivery only.


Delivery of 16 piece ECO BOX ONLY available anywhere in India.

Just write to us directly for "OUTSTATION" delivery and we will send you a quote and payment link.

We can send your order within a day and it should reach you in 3 working days.

About Ministop Brownies

Ministop Brownies started in south Bangalore and attempted to bring street food into an organised quick service restaurant. However, the covid19 pandemic brought our shutters down and we were forced to rebuild from scratch. We re-invented ourselves as an online store that serves the one thing that our customers enjoyed the most - ministop brownies - the best brownies in Bangalore. We now dedicate ourselves to creating the most gooey chocolate filled brownies that are made from real ingredients. We do not believe in cutting cost and serving sub-standard products when our customers are paying for quality ingredients.

Ministop being the best brownies in Bangalore are the result of several rounds of satisfied smiles and the reiteration that these are the best brownies in Bangalore that our test subjects had tasted. Ministop brownies are moist and melt into a satisfied smile on your countenance. We realised that this is the one product we wanted to concentrate on and improve till we had the best brownies in Bangalore. Our millet brownie was our first creation and while millet is not the most attractive ingredient; we found children taking to this product like butterflies to a blooming flower. We then created a stick to the teeth fudge vegetarian no-egg version and the egg-less brownie was created.

We did not stop there and went on to create and continue to create different varieties of brownies that are different from each other with their own signature taste and yet decadent. The secret to creating the best brownies is to use the best quality ingredients and we try and keep trying to achieve the best brownie reactions from our customers. This website has been created to ease the process of buying the best brownies in India for our customers. We are transparent and provide you with the easiest way to reach us and buy from us. Follow our social media pages for more detail and to keep in touch with changes that take place at ministop brownies. Buying our brownies online, through this website and let us do the heavy lifting and get your brownie to your plate. We use hygienic processes to pack and deliver our brownies to you and we deliver it in butterfly boxes - our unique designed box that serves 9 brownies. The delivery person gets a brown paper bag that is tape sealed so there is no contact with the product box.

Ministop brownies have been tested and can last for two weeks while the taste has been improved over several serving tests and feedback. Our online system has been created keeping your privacy in mind (Go through our privacy policy for details on data usage and sharing). We also have a robust payment system and order tracking to ensure your order reaches your doorstep within 2 working hours of us receiving the order (official timing). Please go through the FAQ section to clear any doubts that you may have.

The brownies are made by Megha Deokule; a self taught chef with a certificate in food from CFTRI who started off winning a few customers with her organic food creations, getting written about by leading food journals and mainstream newspaper articles to starring with a leading chef on a television show about the history of cuisine in south India. She has an inclination to unprocessed food ingredients and would always choose a healthy preparation to a processed fat based taste ingredient. She started her culinary career in Mumbai but is now settled back in Bangalore and has wowed to make the best brownies in Bangalore.

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